Jerad Krueger's 2001 Monte Carlo LS

Bought this car new in Sept 2001.  The stock Chevy was nice but needed some help to make it stand out.  I ordered the 16x7.5" American Racing AR-17 wheels the next day.  I also ordered the rear spoiler from SLP.  Next came the bra and window tint.  I wish I would have went darker, but I guess being legal is the smart way to go.  The car now looked awesome, but sounded whimpy.  I contacted dynomax to see if they made an exhaust system for the car.  They told me they just finished, but it was with their super turbo mufflers.  I wanted the ultra welded mufflers which were better flowing and louder.  They informed me of my luck.  They had made two ultra welded mufflers with the correct hangers and tips for this car, but thought most Monte owners would not like it that loud.  If I gave them an address, they would send them to me for free.  I then had Kip at North Rock Road Midas bend me a 2.5" system from the cat back with dual mufflers.  It sounds great.  The best addition to any car in my opinion is a good set of headlights.  I run the Sylvania "Cool Blue" bulbs.  ($17 for two at Walmart)  They are brillant white not the "Honda Blue".  They are DOT legal, same wattage as stock and really light up the road.  I then added Monte SS driving lights to the car.  Future plans call for SS ground effects, a transmission shift kit and headers.  This car is the best traveling car I have ever owned.  Got 29 MPG last summer from here to Wisconsin and back averaging 70-75 MPH.